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SOLVING UNMET NEEDS in Peripheral Vascular
A series of 3 episodes from the “TOP EXPERTS of PAD”

Join this exciting multi-episode program to learn from the top international experts mastering the vascular treatments of complex lesions.

Episode 2. PROF SHISHEHBOR live webinar from Cleveland in “An Effective Approach for Challenging Cases: Versatility of Directional Atherectomy & Clinical Applications of Drug Coated Balloons


12pm (EST)
06pm (GMT+1)
Introduction & learning objectives
12:10pm (EST)
06:10pm (GMT+1)
Case-in-the-box n°1
Panel discussion
12:35pm (EST)
06:35pm (GMT+1)
Case-in-the-box n°2
Panel discussion
12:50pm (EST)
06:50pm (GMT+1)
Case-in-the-box n°3
Panel discussion
01:15pm (EST)
07:15pm (GMT+1)
Closing Remarks

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